Installation Products

USG Tile Backer Tape
2" x 50' or 2" x 150'. Strong, long-lasting glass-fiber tape that provides high-quality joint reinforcement indoors and out.
USG Fiberock
3' x 5' x 1/4". Unique, fiber-reinforced gypsum product that includes a water-resistant core for supreme durability and superior performance in wet and dry environments.
USG Durock
3' x 5' x 1/2" or 3' x 5' x 1/4". Strong, water-durable tile base with an enhanced, proprietary edge performance, preventing spinout and crumbling.
USG Durock Screws
1 1/4" wood screws - packs of 200 or 600 screws. High-quality, corrosion-resistant fasteners designed for attaching backerboards to wood or steel framing, inside and out.
Johns Manville GoBoard
3' x 5' x 1/2". An ultra-lightweight, waterproof, durable tile backer board that is easy to cut and install, and weighs up to 85% lighter than traditional cement boards.
wedi Board
2' x 8' x 1/8", 4' x 5' x 1/4", 4' x 5' x 1/2", 4' x 5' x 2", 4' x 8' x 1/2". The perfect waterproof tile backer board and substrate for nearly any application in interior wet areas.