With calming linear grain in a soft concrete aesthetic, Persuadeā„¢ is the unquestionable choice for upscale design. Neutral colors and various rectangular sizes create endless design possibilities on the cusp of the trend. Complement a field of modern concrete porcelain tile with a linear brick-joint mosaic for visual texture.

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Available Tiles

PS41 Beige 1" x 3" Brick
Mosaic, 12" x 24"
Porcelain tile with a matte finish
PS40 White 1" x 3" Brick
Porcelain tile with a matte finish
PS42 Gray
4" x 12", 12" x 24", TRIM
PS41 Beige
4" x 12" Bullnose, 12" x 24", TRIM
PS40 White
12" x 24", TRIM
Porcelain with glazed finish